aurora. is a techno record label founded by a group of artists in Europe in the beginning of 2020, as sign of a love for a genre that represents, from its beginning a ritualistic form of body music. Techno music it became a cult and an ideal built from liberation and unification between people around the globe. A strong message of resistance and resilience that during the time, found new forms and new contamination, keeping an identity but evolving because of different roots of different landscapes, mentality, points of view. This futuristic genre of music brings the listener in a parallel dimension, where the repetition shows the essence of the hypnosis.


Our team of experts A&Rs and engineers are focused on the continuous research of music that fits best with the idea of the label. keeping apart every kind of judgment if not for an objective quality of the sound. Every release will be cataloged through different releases, giving voice, for the first time, to country’s or city’s techno scene, promoter of parties, musical style.


In Roman mythology, Aurora was a goddess who had the power to renew herself day after day and sailed the sky to announce the arrival of the morning. She brought energy and vitality. Aurora likes new adventures, new emotions and always discovering new things and feelings.

WHy cataloguing?

Establishing connections within the techno world is the main purpose of this ambitious project:

1) It helps to identify the artists in the corresponding area, in order to promote and to create bridges between them. We aim to see a strong chain of talented artists emerge, and that they, united, create bonds by sharing their love for techno music.
2) Every country, region or city has a different background and influences: to make it more understandable and to analyze the direction of a city-sound, aurora. promotes, without any kind borders and musical discrimination, its best sound.
3) Nowadays, it’s always more difficult to identify which kind of techno a listener is hearing. We aim to introduce spatiality and context to individual tracks and opuses.
Furthermore, people who are approaching the genre for the first time are often confused by the sheer quantity of music at their disposal; especially since the easiest way to name electronic music productions is “techno”.
As an example: Groovy, melodic, Detroit-oriented style, ambient, electro, will be finally catalogued to catch the attention of the people that have a preference for a narrowly defined style.
In Techno music, the producer can express its vision through a certain kind of sound, rhythmic, arrangement or mood.
And now the northern lights begin to burn, faintly at first, like sunbeams playing in the waters of the blue sea. Then a soft crimson glow tinges the heavens. There is a blush on the cheek of night. The colors come and go; and change from crimson to gold, from gold to crimson. The snow is stained with rosy light. Twofold from zenith, east and west, burns a fiery sword; and a broad band passes across the heavens, like a summer sunset
Aurora rises ready to reiterate, redirect and to spread the best techno music from all the best techno artists around the globe.