Pan-European label aurora. continues on its mission to connect people through techno with a new EP that shines a light on some essential talents in France. This various artist four tracker was selected by Justine Perry and features Horzin, Casual Treatment, Arkan and Ket Robinson.

Through its releases, aurora. explores country- and city-specific techno variations and makes bridges between these different creative enclaves, forming bonds between artists and listeners and giving a voice to the more unknown and unusual scenes out there. The label kicked off with a well received, Europe-wide compilation before offering Morning Rituals Vol. 1, a collection of music to be heard during the calm of the early morning, or moments of deep thought and solitude.

Horzin kicks off with the powerful 'Take Them', a brutalist techno track that has heavy kicks and walls of fizzing, dystopian synth. It builds and then falls away at a menacingly purposeful tempo to bring real tension and destruction to the dance floor. Melvyn Ortega Aka Casual Treatment is next and is a Paris born but Berlin based artist who has landed on Quartz Rec, Binary Cells and Decoy with his thrillingly uncompromising sounds. His 'Young, Brash & Careless' builds from a dubby minimal groove into a twisted and hard hitting cut with real urgency The drum programming, relentless percussion and twisted lead synth take you deep down a rabbit hole.

Then comes Arkan. 'Distant Path' is his contribution and is a high speed and bouncy techno cut with search-light like synths and cantering drums blazing a path into the future. It is a perfectly hypnotic track that gets you in a daze. Last but not least is Ket Robinson, a producer with a lust for driving drum machine sounds and captivating synths on labels like No Response, Turing Wheel and Fabrik Music. His streamlined and linear 'Hypnotic Beat' is just that as a it races forwards on a slick and serene techno groove.

With this fantastic collection, aurora. once again comes good on its original goal to shine deserving light on exciting musical scenes and sounds from all over Europe. credits

released January 15, 2021

Mastered by Bayon at Stanza Enarmonica Berlin.

Artwork by Andrea Agagiù and Franco Matteo.

Selected by Justine Perry