The aurora. label continues to connect people through music with a new compilationfocussed on the underground sounds of Serbia, as compiled by Nino Sebelic. Thisseven track EP features music from Brutalists, Overtone Funk, Subotika, NinoSebelic, Ontal, Alavux, Filip Xavi and Wb41.
Through its releases, aurora. explores country- and city-specific techno variationsand makes bridges between these different creative enclaves, forming bondsbetween artists and listeners and giving a voice to the more unknown and unusualscenes out there. So far the label has turned heads with a Europe-wide compilation,then a collection of meditative music entitled Morning Rituals Vol. 1 before a recentFrance focussed selection. Now it is to Serbia, a country with a rich history of techno.
This latest collection opens up with Brutalists”BG Metro’, an intense passage ofhorror themed ambient alive with alien sounds, distorted snatches of human voicesand radio interference that sets a stark mood. The Lyre Records founder OvertoneFunk – a long time veteran of the Serbian scene- layers up IDM melody and chunkydrums, twisted synths and raw textures into broken techno perfection on’Equipoised’. Subotika is the duo of Mario Crnkovic and Nino Sebelic who are corefamily members of Detroit label Motech. Their excellent’Phonic Days’ brings plentyof Motor City Soul with its serene and futuristic synth work, smooth drums andclassy sense of atmosphere before Nino Sebelic then goes solo on the’Stunner,’ abig, powerful wall of techno with huge hi hats and a hypnotic lead that takes youdeep down the rabbit hole.
Next come Ontal, the pair whose music comes on labels such as HANDS, MordRecords and π electronics, and is always focussed on progression. Their’The LongRun’ is a frosty, austere banger with scraping hits and unrelenting kicks. Alavux ismore of a newcomer to the scene but impresses with the intensity and texture of’Phase 02′ which is an all out rave. Belgrade’s Filip Xavi’s’Tool For Thought’ showswhy he is such a mainstay of the scene with its punchy drum programming anddystopian synth work working you into a frenzy while Wb41 delivers a breakbeattrack that signs a perfect closing.
This is a widescreen view of the Serbian scene that brings together talents old andnew for a fine showcase of the country’s rich techno sound.